Mr. & Mrs. Appleby

Shayla & Jarrod – 6/17/17


Photographers- Kaila Burkett of Kaimon Photography and Fearlessly You Studio and Second Shooter Jonathan Blanchard of Sparks Ignite Photography

Cake- Anonymous friend who ROCKED it

DJ. – Jeff Sitch + Matt

Flowers- Butterfly Gardens

When Shayla reached out to me about meeting up to discuss wedding photography, I was already excited. I grew up knowing Shayla when my parents would take trips to visit a church in Fort Littleton. When we sat down to meet and I asked where the wedding would be taking place, and she answered “Camp Sinoquipe” I KNEW I had to be the photographer for Shayla and Jarrod.

When I graduated college I helped out with a camp that Pastor Debbie Straight coordinated at Camp Sinoquipe. I have such fond memories of coffee by the water. Sleeping in a hot cabin. And toasting marshmallows by the fire.

What I didn’t remember until I set foot on the grounds on 6/17/17 was this was where I first started photographing with my DSLR… MY parents had given me a Canon Rebel for my college graduation gift. I brought it along to camp and fell in love with capturing how the light fell on plants, damp moss, and the canoes sitting along the sand. This brought back the warmest memories and renewed a feeling of gratitude for where I started and where I have come in photography.

Back to the Appleby’s –  Shayla and Jarrod are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet. Enjoy a sneak into their getting ready 🙂


The couple did a blindfolded first look. This was my first time ever capturing this and it was very love filled and fun. And of course their friends got involved.


The ceremony took place outside, by the water. It was a beautiful, intimate gathering. Filled with love ones singing and officiating.

Not only are Shayla & Jarrod the most genuine people you will meet. So are their friends!

The bride and groom are two of the most photogenic people I’ve worked with. Shooting their bridal portraits was a dream

The Reception was filled with laughter and dancing! Everyone had a great time!

Shayla & Jarrod – I adored capturing your wedding day! Congratulations again Appleby’s!!


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