Charlie & Micaela on the Raven

Bride & Groom: Micaela & Charlie

Location:The Royal Sonesta and The Raven

DJ: Ryan Smetzer


Last blog post I talked about a few of the things I LOVE about wedding day’s. I think I can tell you my FAVORITE thing about  a wedding day, It’s when a bride and groom just have fun on their special day.

TOO many couples get caught up in the schedules and the “to do’s” they don’t relax and have fun! This wasn’t the case at Charlie & Micaela’s wedding. I have NEVER seen a bride look at the way Micaela looked at her guests. With so much gratitude. And she couldn’t wait to have fun with everyone.



They got ready surrounded by close friends and family and truly soaked up their day.

I might still be confused about the cardboard Putin cutout and the Kim Jong Un book but it was HILARIOUS.

We did a first look and thank goodness we did, because we planned on doing Sunset Photos, but the HUGE storm decided otherwise.

I just CANNOT get over how Micaela kept glancing at her guests with such  gratitude and joy.

Such a unique venue and such an exciting day!

Good friends make sure you get your sparkler exit!

ESAR (1 of 1)-77

CONGRATULATIONS CHARLIE & MICAELA! WE had so much fun capturing your beautiful day!!

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