Our Adventure Collection- Erin & Randy’s Adventure Experience

This year I have been passionate about changing my brand to something I am proud of. I’ve spent lots of time thinking what this means for me. I want my brand to show what I LOVE, and to capture other couples doing things they love.

I love adventure. I want to play in the mud, catch toads, hike to a new place and see new things. AND I want to capture other people doing that.

And that’s why we are officially introducing our brand new Adventure Collection. This is for you wanderers, campers, swimmers and kayakers. This is for you who want to remember what it was like when you were making these spontaneous trips. I want to come along, explore with you, and give you these natural memories.

Our Adventure Collection is going to be starting at $450, BUT if you book your 2018 adventure session within the months of June-July It will only cost you $350!!!

Please keep scrolling and check out our VERY FIRST Adventure Experience with Erin and Randy!


I have been on the hunt for a couple willing to get dirty, messy, wet and potentially cold to test out what this experience looks like! Erin & Randy were down!

Erin’s face while holding this toad gave me life…. HAHAHA.

They swayed and swooned and kissed and were literally in their own little bubble of love.

WE hiked 2/3 of a mile and the climbed that HUGE rock structure. We then noticed HUGE DARK clouds rolling in and we climbed down sooo fast. We hadn’t heard any thunder or lightening… YET. So they jumped in for our final shot and we got it SO fast. WE jumped out of the water and that’s when it started storming!

Seriously thank you to everyone who comes to the blog and takes their time to check out my newest sessions! Mention Code: ADVENTURETIME while booking your adventure session and receive 20 FREE PRINTS from your experience!

ESAR (1 of 1)-15

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