Randall, Travis & Sweet Eleanor

I was so blessed to be able to capture the entire birth story of Sweet Sweet Eleanor!

One of my FAVORITE things is when a momma is told they are going to prepare her for a C-Section. and then she has a beautiful, natural delivery. I want to be a doula when I grow up, HAHA.

Randall was such a trouper and couldn’t wait to see her baby girl. Travis and her Best Friend Kaytee stood by her side and she went through labor! AND placentas are so cool, and I never get sick of making ” Are you gonna eat that?” Jokes. But hey if you eat your placenta, you go girl 😉 I support you fully!

Eleanor then was my VERY first newborn in our brand new studio! And it was so wonderful!

Randall is such a natural at being a momma, and I love the capture I got of her soothing Eleanor back to sleep!

Travis was SO excited about her session and even saved things from pinterest for ideas with his Dress Blue’s, and of course I was thrilled for that!

They are absolutely beautiful together as a family of 3, I feel so gracious to have captured this sweet time!


THANK you again Randall & Travis! ❤

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