“So how did you get into photography?” Creativity, Burning Out and Remembering your Why

My therapist asked me the other day, “How is work going?” and I said “It’s going so well, it’s going too well”.

And it hit me, I am burning out fast. I booked way too much for my plate and I’m on the verge of being behind (or more behind).

I am so grateful for you epic clients who support my craft, and my business. And I am more grateful for how patient you’ve been during wedding/summer season and longer wait times. But I just wanted to share some of my thoughts I had after chatting with my therapist.

And I am going to keep doing this thing full steam ahead, because I LOVE it and I am so damn passionate about furthering my craft and making better images for you, and being great at deliveries and the behind the scenes! BUTTT, I have to learn how to avoid burn out!

Work at Home Mom Boss Thoughts

  1. Does BUSY NESS equal success… I often ponder this and mostly stick to this moral code. I never ever feel guilty when business is slow and I get to slow down. Because it doesn’t determine my skill or success. But for the first time this spring/summer season I had TOO much on my plate, and I felt SO successful, and I loved it. BUT, it was too much. I haven’t sat on my patio and watched the kids play in our backyard in probably a month! Which doesn’t sound quite like success to me. I’d love to share these images with hashtags like #wildchildood or #theverydayportrait. Because this hasn’t been our everyday. WE have gone on 2 great vacations and we are so BLESSED. But I miss the little things. Rhys digging for rolly pollies while I garden and Eis drawing and creating on the patio.
  2. HOW do we avoid or cure a burnout? REMEMBER YOUR WHY. THE #1 thing people ask me at weddings I am shooting is “How did you get into this?”The answer is my KIDS. I say ” I have always loved photography and always had a disposable one in hand since 6th grade. when I turned 16 I graduated when my parents bought me a beautiful, slim REAL digital camera and I loved that thing. Then I had my rebel. And I really just used it like a digital camera until I had Eisely. And I loved everything about her and I just wanted to capture every single little detail. AND I WAS AWFUL. LIKE REAL AWFUL, and like slapped on terrible filters HOPING I could make it really good.. but unfortunately filters don’t fix bad photos. But I still treasure these, and her little button nose and those chubby cheeks, Because it was my why.422698_3226374982824_111452187_nThen I got my first 50mm, Brandon actually got it for me, for my birthday and it was like $50 and really crappy. But I got a little less awful.432205_3496093605621_1688218335_nThen, I found a talented photographer Me Ra Koh and I read “Your Child in Pictures” and I became so determined to capture my babies and create beautiful images and memories to cherish. and then fast forward, I worked really, damn hard for about 3 years and then I kind of knew what I was doing 😉 and my passions grew! As my babies grew into children, and I had more time to discover where my passion is OUTSIDE of them, OUTSIDE of Brandon. And I found Fearlessly You I became so passionate about encouraging women, showing them how to love their bodies. I became so passionate about capturing true, authentic moments at weddings!

    My therapist said ” Being too busy causes chaos” And right then I decided.. I am working less this fall, I am raising my prices (because my work deserves it) and I am booking specific days that are work days, for editing and for sessions… And if a GORGEOUS model wants stunning boudoir images but I am full…. I will tell her my next earliest openings. Even if that’s 3 months out (because my work is worth it).

    BECAUSE MY kids are worth it. AND because above all else, I AM WORTH IT.  AND how can I preach to my gorgeous Fearlessly you ladies that they are WORTH MORE, and WORTH self love. If I cannot show my self love by not being too busy.


I am not going to be scared of not building a huge clientele, or not having 1000 instagram followers or showing how busy I can be…

Because NONE OF THAT is my why. 

Because you can do ANYTHING, But not EVERYTHING


PLEASE comment below or on my facebook link if you have any successful tips that help you avoid burnout!!!

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