Krystal & Ken welcoming their Rainbow Baby – Parker Rose

Krystal reached out to me, looking for a birth photographer. She got my name from a fellow photographer.. Birth photography is a magical experience. I feel grateful every time someone trusts me to document these precious moments for them.

While photography captures these memories.. It doesn’t capture it all. And these memories are so fleeting. The time is so exhilarating. The mother is recovering from a tremendous experience. I know for a fact those memories are so hazy. I hope this small video teaser can help Krystal and Ken remember the first breath, the first time she looked up at them, when she grabbed onto his finger, when Krystal kissed her head.

PSA: These skills are a work in progress for us, these are currently a FREE add on for my birth photography packages until we can produce a more refined product.

Song: You are My Sunshine, covered by Jasmine Thompson

Krystal  experienced a terribly traumatic experience on July 5th 2016. Krystal delivered a baby boy at 20 weeks who would never open his eyes. Sweet Parker Rose is Alex’s little sister. She is their rainbow baby.

Births are always pure magic. I say it every time. But I mean it… This time, it was a whole other level of magic. There is this moment, before that moment, things are the same as they had been and then suddenly in one moment it’s all different. The whole universe is different. Their lives are different.

But witnessing Krystal and Ken, who experienced such a tremendous loss was such a magnificent feeling. They were never able to have those moments with their sweet Alex. I have never watched such an emotionally raw moment. Seeing their tears and their embrace with their healthy baby girl. The look of healing in their eyes. I am filled with such gratitude to have been able to capture those moments for them.

Thank you again Krystal for trusting me to help give you these memories to last a lifetime.

Krystal allowed me to share some words from her experience:

Krystal – “The moment I found out I was pregnant with this perfect little rainbow I knew I wanted to document every single moment the best that I possibly could. This included everything from saving the pregnancy test and taking weekly bump pictures to having her birth photographed. When I came across Kaila and all of her wonderful work I was convinced she would be the perfect fit. The moment she came through the door at the hospital that feeling was confirmed and I knew we had made the perfect choice. Something about her made me feel completely comfortable with her being there for such a special moment despite having never met prior. During labor while I was laying in the bed I had a moment where it felt unreal that this baby was actually going to come home with us. After having lost her big brother and having felt such an immense amount of pain I’m so incredibly thankful that we had Kaila there to document such a happy and emotional moment for us as we welcome Parker into the world. These photographs will be cherished for the rest of our lives.”


The calm before.

Such a peaceful delivery.

Thank you Krystal and Ken for allowing me to share these images and video. Sending you love and best wishes with your little family.

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