Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Jessica and I met for the first time on her wedding day!! Whenever a client trusts my work enough to do that I feel so honored!

I was so excited for this big day, but I didn’t know how excited I should be! It was such a lively group and they kept me and Andie laughing all day!



My brides have had impeccable details all season long! And I can’t say I don’t like it 😉

My bride told me “the groom REALLY hates his picture being taken” And I can definitely say they allllll had fun with shenanigans during this section of the day. They wanted “fun” photos!


The bride and her ladies had a good time too!!



Another beautiful, tear filled ceremony!


YELLOW…. On the drive to the venue I said to Andie, Oh goodness I hope we have some of these yellow fields nearby, AND WE DID!!!

How dreamy is their love?!


I kind of love when a reception carries from the inside to the outside. Everybody was having a good time here….. Especially these groomsmen………. 3 words. Mayonaise Penis Art…. LAUGH OUT LOUD. I am so glad a certain mother of the groom clued me into this!


PLEASE hire me if you are going to have an epic dance party…. Because I cannot get enough of capturing these amazing receptions!!


Congratulations Jessica and Steve!! We wish you all the happiness in the world!


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