Erin, Randy and Calliope

Erin and Randy are Clients turned friends. I am grateful for the memories they’ve allowed me to capture for them.

I started when I took Erin’s Boudoir photos a few years ago. Now I have captured engagement sessions, photos with Tripp, A wedding, a Delivery and newborn photos. It is such an honor. What a beautiful journey they have had together!




Erin was induced on a Wednesday morning. She kept me updated throughout that first day and things moved slowly for her, which is normal! I went to bed wondering if I would get awoken in the middle of the night to drive into the hospital, so I had everything prepped and ready to go. But I woke up at my normal time and Erin updated me that she had reached 5 CM and They believed she would move quickly from here.

So I decided to head in to the hospital.

Erin’s morning and day consisted of broth sipping, and jello eating. Calls and visits from Tripp’s and other loved ones. And lots of support from Randy. Things moved slow for her during this day as well. But she was progressing and moving along.

Sometime in the early evening is the first time we heard the words “C- Section”. I’ve heard these words many times in my deliveries. It always brings strong emotions. Lost Hope. Erin stayed so strong. She asked if baby Calliope was safe for now, and the answer was yes. So she continued laboring along.

But then things changed. Erin had been pushing HARD and effectively for an hour. And baby girl just wasn’t moving past her pelvic bones. Baby girls heart rate wasn’t what it should be and Erin was needing oxygen. On top of all of this she had contracted an infection and begun antibiotics. Erin asked if her babies heartrate had improved. And she made the courageous and brave choice to move to a c – section. To bring a healthier mom and baby out of this long labor. They were scrubbed up rather quickly but what felt like an eternity to Erin who was no longer connected to Meds through her epidural. Her contractions were strong and frustrating. They wheeled her and Randy off and I sat in an empty room with a baby bassinet all pre heated for sweet Calliope.

Erin has also shared her story with me to share with you!

” It started as a 10am routine elective induction, because you know… I was so over being ginormous. We started with a simple medication to start dilating my cervix, but that didn’t go far. After several hours, I was still only 2cm dilated. They inserted a balloon catheter into my cervix to help dilate and also started pitocin, but again, after several hours, that didn’t help. Contractions were strong and regular, but nothing was happening. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I just wanted to meet my baby girl. It was now 1am, and they just removed the balloon catheter, and said I could rest for two hours before making any more decisions. My body said, “say no more”, and my water broke 30 minutes later. And now the fun starts! Contractions started to increase in pain, and I wasn’t tolerating that very well. I finally gave in and asked for the laughing gas, used that for 3 or so contractions, and begged for something stronger. They gave me stadol, but that just made me fall asleep between contractions. Nothing was helping my pain, and I felt so helpless. And my poor husband, was he in for a treat. I rolled around in bed, screamed at the top of my lungs for hours, and blood curdling cried. I finally asked for an epidural around 4am. But guess what, the anesthesiologist was in the middle of a surgery. Just my luck. I did finally get it though, about an hour later. It was such a relief, and I was able to labor for many more hours. But why was I was miserable? Why couldn’t I handle what was happening? And why am I still not dilated? After checking my vitals every other hour, they noticed a climbing temperature. At 9am, I was only about 7cm dilated, and everyone sounded pretty discouraged about the situation. I was able to rest through the day with the epidural on full blast, but my temperature kept rising. Later on in the evening, when I was 9cm, the doctor stepped in. She basically told me that if I couldn’t dilate any further, then we would have to do a cesarean birth. Not what I wanted to hear, at all. She was also concerned with my temperature, and started antibiotics. But I made it to 10cm, and it was time to push! I was exhausted, and apparently very sick. My husband, Kaila, and the hospital staff were all around, encouraging me to push as hard as I could. I pushed for an hour and a half, and made no progress. The doctor was now sitting at the end of my bed, watching as I struggled. She told me I could try for 20 more minutes, and then we would need to discuss further intervention. 10 minutes passed, and my temperature was 103.6, and my baby girls heart rate was 220. My birth experience was no longer in my control. It was time to get her out of there before we both became more ill. Emergency cesarean it was, and I was relieved to meeting her so very soon. The surgery went well, and I could hear my little girl crying! It was all worth it, now that I knew she was safe. My illness was diagnosed as Chorioamnionitis. A very rare, happens in only 2% of births, infection. It causes uncontrollable abdominal pain, which is why my contractions were so strong and intolerable. It was certainly not the birth I had envisioned, but the end result was still my perfectly healthy baby girl.”



I heard them wheeling past my door and they paused outside for me, I jumped out with my camera and grabbed some pictures unsure if  I could follow where they we’re wheeling. Calliope had to be put into a Special Care Nursery because of her Momma’s infection and high fever.

But Calliope looked SO good, perfect Apgar and so alert and calm. When they weren’t poking her. I was so gracious to be allowed into this special space for new humans and was able to capture these moments for Erin who was in recovery.

THEN they let me go to recovery! To capture Erin holding her sweet girl for the first time!

Her time with Calliope this first visit was short and sweet as she had to go back to the nursery and Erin to recovery. But Calliope had an AMAZING desire to nurse. And Erin worked so hard in these early hours to see her girl and continue breastfeeding.

Like always I was left in awe of the raw strength of women. Erin worked so hard to birth her girl for 2 looong days to be told she needed a c-section, and she bravely confronted that obstacle! She is pretty incredible.

Congratulations to Randy and Erin and Tripp on bringing Calliope into their sweet family.

Below are some of Cali’s newborn pictures!

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