Montana, Devi and Zach

Montana’s Epic Team

Hair and Make up: Lovie’s ,

Hand Lettering: Drey Hepfer

Florist: Bells and Whistles

Coordinator: Heart of Harlow

Desserts: OBX Popcorn Shoppe Great Cakes , Duck Donuts

Ceremony Venue: Whalehead Club

Reception Venue: Beer Garden

Second Photographer: Alyssa Pitt

Please enjoy a different approach to storytelling in this blog. It’s very
personal to me, as I share the story of my sister and her marriage to Zach Kees. Follow along to my
wedding day timeline and read parts of my “Toast” to Montana and
Zach and Devi.

Kaila’s Day of Timeline

7AM, 5/31/2019 The day of Montana, Zach and Devi’s Wedding 

I woke up around 7am on May 31st. I felt pretty decent, it became obvious the 6+ jello shots the night before were made weak. I panicked. The toast, I still hadn’t written it. I was waiting for the a-ha moment, where suddenly I know exactly what to say. WELL that never happened. So I hopped in the car with Brandon, who was mildly hungover from the epic bachelor party all the guys had the night before and now they all needed to be ready at 8AM to play 18 holes! (all their own idea)

8AM Kaila meets with Groomsmen for some “golf pictures”



11AM Drinks and Getting Ready at Lovie’s

Montana and some of her family and closest friends joined at Lovie’s to get pampered and soak up those hours before the big moment of the day. Alicia is the owner over here at Lovie’s and she is a GEM! If you need hair services for a wedding or just because down in the OBX, or a massage at their spa, YOU will not be disappointed. Excellent service and care from start to finish. Not to mention she is immensely talented.

We started out with mimosas made from a FRESH squeezed juice from The Juice Jar next to Lovie’s Salon. We enjoyed lovie’s beauty juice with champagne.  AND I still hadn’t written a toast.



After some pampering and spending time together it was time to share some special moments and get Montana dressed. I *think* this is when the tears started for me.


Once we were all dressed we had a little bit of time to spare, we created some beautiful bridal portraits and we all got to share a moment to talk, pray, enjoy Montana.




I am beyond grateful to have had these quiet moments with Montana. Because now is where the day really starts!

3:00PM Zach was able to get ready at the Whalehead Club with his close family. Sharing precious moments.


4PM Family Portrait time!



6:00PM Down the Aisle we go, with storms at our back

Storms were rolling in fast. WE knew this had to be quick. WE made it out with minor sprinkles and some gorgeous skies. It was the perfect backdrop for the heartfelt, intimate ceremony!


And now,  Devi will tap Zach on his shoulder and tell him to turn around to see Montana!


Those tears! This is one of the most beautiful “first looks” I have ever witnessed


There was no lack of love, special moments or tears. I don’t think there was a single dry eye!!!

7:00PM Portrait time

WE should have had a full hour for portraits, but the weather wasn’t promising of this. We moved quickly and we had PLENTY of time!


7:45 Time to Bustle and get to the party!!

Hushed whispers of rain, and storms were all around. So we moved quickly to get people fed and do our first dances. The space at the Beer Garden was so intimate and perfect for all of these special moments! Still no toast, I sat to eat quickly and looked at Samantha and said ” I STILL haven’t written a toast” She said ” You will be great!”


Then I notice the bartenders and coordinators sharing a conversation, hushed. I slide over and see that SEVERE weather is heading straight towards us. This venue while beautiful, unique and fun, it’s mostly uncovered from weather. The bartender said ” It’s  probably fine, you never know down here it could totally miss us” We moved quickly, getting the mother son dance finished, cutting the cake. By the time we finished this it was obvious we had to move the reception. There was lightening and thunder ALL around us. We decided to head back to Zach’s parents rental home. There was no time for a toast. I forgot completely about it and moved about the rest of the night photographing old and new friends having a fun time with beer and pool, shuffle board, and a movie for the little kids!



So, Here it Montana, This is my toast to you and Devi and Zach. MY best of wishes and all of the blessings. 

** Glasses Clink**

“Ehem- some of you may not know me but I’m the sister of the bride, Kaila”. We grew up together. She knows EVERYTHING ABOUT ME and trust me that’s terrifying. She has seen it all. From the rough to the highs. And shes been there through each step. When other friends wavered. When it became too difficult to be close to me. She stayed. Not only did she stay, but she stayed and loved me, and my kids. And did school pick up for me, and made me laugh. I could write a story and a half just about my sisters dedication to me in this past year of my life. I could also write a pretty good story about half her girls belting ” Sweet Caroline” ( THE PA/MD version, DM me if you know what I mean)  AT a live, Beach bar karaoke night, but maybe that is for another day. But this story is about her. And I’m honored to be standing(typing) in front of you (on the internet) to share this toast with you, to tell a small part about her beautiful story.


When Montana started bringing this super tan boy around, none of us and I mean none of us were ready to accept him. It had been a journey for Montana, sometimes very hard. She had to have a courage that should not been expected from her. And we weren’t quite ready to accept this new guy right in. But he waited so patiently. He showed immense respect and restraint. And he quietly showed his interest in Montana. That blossomed into a quiet, respectful love for Montana. And for Devi. His intentions were apparent and always pure. Montana was his person. And he was going to take his time to win her affections. He started to wear on me and then suddenly they had broken up Montana wanted to make the best decision for her and Devi, she didn’t want to rush. She knew how important this is for her and for Devi. A few months later, slowly but surely Zach started coming back around. And it became obvious he was here to stay! Watching their love story unfold is so beautiful.  Tears started pouring down my face as I witnessed him vow his love to Devi and to Montana. The love you could feel, it was tangible in the presence of this ceremony. Important things happened in those moments. Watching my sister experience true love. True selfless love. Is one of the most beautiful things I have ever been able to experience in my life.

final (1 of 1)-115

RAISE YOUR GLASSES and share a toast, CHEERS to the BRIDE AND THE GROOM! HERE is to a lifetime of happiness!!!

final (1 of 1)-80

I love you both SO SO so very MUCH! Here is to forever!


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